If you're looking to choose a chakra energy color that resonates with you, it can be helpful to start by exploring a color chart. A color chart is a visual guide that displays the different colors associated with each of the seven chakras. As you review the chart, pay attention to the colors that catch your eye and evoke a positive feeling or emotion. Trust your intuition and choose the color that resonates with you the most.

Using the color chart below to choose your chakra energy color is to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Allow your mind to quiet and your body to relax. Then, visualize the color chart in your mind's eye. Allow your gaze to wander over the chart and notice any colors that stand out to you. You may feel drawn to one color in particular, or you may find that multiple colors appeal to you. Take note of these colors and spend some time exploring what they represent.

The chakras are a personal and individualized system and what works for one person may not work for another. Allow yourself to be open and curious as you explore the different chakra energy colors. By choosing a color that resonates with you, you'll be able to tap into unique energy of that chakra and enhance your overall well-being.